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Mesin RO Cap. 50 GPD Air Minum Untuk Perumahan

Update Terakhir
28 / 03 / 2024
Min. Pembelian
1 Unit


Rp. 2.300.000
Perusahaan kami bergerak dibidang pengolahan air, jual produk mesin pengolahan air :  1. Mesin Sea Water Reverse Osmosis    2. Mesin Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis                    3. Mesin Tap Water Reverse Osmosis        
                  4. Mesin pengolahan air limbah
                   5. Mesin DEMIN 6. Mesin depot air minum isi ulang

Detail Mesin RO Cap. 50 GPD Air Minum Untuk Perumahan

Detail machine:
5-Stage purification process.
1. Sediment filter that reduces dirt, sand, rush, and other physical particles.
2. Carbon block that reduces unwanted chemicals like chlorine that are present in your water supply.
3. Carbon block filter further reduces unpleasant odor, chlorine and other chemicals that might be in your water.
4. 50 GPD membran removes a wide variety of contaminants and impurities that includes heavy metals,
    total dissolved solid, bacteria, viruses,  and many other.
5. Post Carbon filter - a final that removes tastes and odor that may be present in the holding tank.

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